Trump didn’t want you to hear about this.

Over the weekend, the Trump administration made a lot of moves, many of which were accompanied by photo shoots and press releases. But there were things the Trump Administration did that they hoped would go unnoticed.

The Texas Voter ID Law.

Every court this law has been put in front of has found it unconstitutional, and some even went as far as to say it had “racially discriminatory intent“.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with voter ID laws, their goal is to make it more difficult for those who are legally able to vote to actually vote. These laws make it so that you must have photo IDs and other documents to vote onsite. Defenders of such laws will tell you it is to deter voter fraud, but voter fraud, in reality, is no where near the issue Trump has made it out to be (his claims are entirely unsubstantiated).

These laws are, undisputedly, created to cause immigrants, racial minorities, and young people, all traditionally left leaning voters, to not be able to vote, even though they legally are eligible to.

The Texas Voter ID Law has been found unconstitutional by federal courts time and time again.

This law was supposed to be up for review by the Supreme Court on Tuesday, but over the weekend, the Trump Administration DoJ (Department of Justice) asked to postpone the review, so that they would have time to prepare to potentially switch sides and defend the law.

Thankfully, the SCOTUS has denied the appeal hearing entirely.

But there is still something to take away from this.

Trump’s administration slyly tried to postpone the review of an undisputedly racist law, so that they could potentially defend it. Had the SCOTUS honored their request, it is very possible we would have seen the DoJ defend said law.

There is a reason the request was not publicly announced until after lawyers caught on.

The Trump Administration, just days into their new reign, were very likely plotting to pursue an unconstitutional and racist law.

May the Force be with us.

-General Organa


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