For my friends who chose to ignore current politics,

Hey guys,

Look, i’m not here to yell at you, or shame you or guilt you into caring about politics. I love y’all, but let’s be real for a second, because this week has been a hell of a week for everyone.

Silence is a privilege.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people expressing that they are “sick of hearing about Trump,” or “tired of seeing political posts” on their newsfeed.

Even I, someone so invested in politics, needs to step away sometimes, to watch a movie or read a book, just to clear my head.

But, I also understand that is a privilege.

If you can afford to be silent, if you can afford to ignore everything that’s happened this past year, and specifically this week, it is because of one thing: it doesn’t directly affect you.

And why doesn’t it affect you? Privilege.

Because of where you were born, because of what skin color you were born with, because of your parent’s social economic status, because of your gender, because of your sexual preference… you may be unaffected by the President’s claims, lies, and executive orders.

After one week, our President has signed an executive order that will claim the lives of women around the world, he has barred citizens of seven muslim majority countries from entering the US, he has halted our Syria Refugee programs. He has declared war agaisnt the press, the only institution capable of calling him out on a global level. He has told us what we saw with our own eyes isn’t true. He lied about millions illegals participating in voter fraud. He has declared war against facts, agaisnt science, agaisnt global warming advocates: agaisnt the planet. He has invoked the censorship of the Environmental Protection Agency. He has ordered the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline continue. He has ignored a ruling by a federal judge.

He has shown us he does not care about women, muslims, immigrants, mexicans, illegal aliens, native americans, the constitution, our judicial system, the planet or the truth.

So where do we go from here? 

You could continue to ignore the state of the country right now. You could continue to be silent, you could go on with your day to day life and hope that our President’s laws and executive orders continue to not directly affect you.

But, I beg you, remember your neighbors, remember your friends. Remember your ancestors who were immigrants, remember your peers, your teachers, the dead children in Syria, the victims of the holocaust, the families separated by walls, the rest of humanity.

Remember the rest of humanity. 

Remember those who don’t have the same privilege you do.

This, is simply, a call to action. I hope you will remember the rest of humanity. I hope you choose to not be silent. I hope you choose to act. Donate, protest, spread the truth.

I hope you remember that silence is choosing the side of the oppressor.

I hope you choose to join us.

May the force be with you
-General Organa


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