To our friends who voted for Trump and are now feeling Buyer’s Remorse.

It’s. Okay.

If you voted for Trump, and you are currently regretting it: it’s okay.

For those of you who voted for Hillary or Johnson or Stein, don’t hold it agaisnt them.

Unless you’re the Doctor, or Marty McFly, or The Flash (or any other time traveler), it doesn’t matter.

What matters is what we do now. What matters is how we respond now. What matters is our actions now.

If you voted for Trump and are regretting it, the last thing any one wants is for you to feel ostracized from groups fighting agaisnt decisions Trump has made, if you wish to join.

Come to our rallies, come to our protests, come to action!

We aren’t going to say  “we told you so,” we are going to say, “welcome.” Period.

We welcome you into our fight with open arms.

Now is our time to fight, as one people, with one voice. Do not let them divide us.

And we hope you join us.

May the Force be with you,

-General Organa


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